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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Evaluation of phagocytic activity in patients with duodenal ulcer associated with connective tissue dysplasia

Rudoy A.S.

Belorusian State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus

We examined 90 patients (young men, aged 19 to 24 years)with a duodenal ulcer associated with heritable disorders of connective tissue of various severity. The aim of the study was to evaluate the parameters of phagocytosis in young men (aged from 19 to 23 years) with a duodenal ulcer associated with different severity manifestations of the heritable disorders of connective tissue (HDCT).
Methods. The functional activity of the phagocytosis system was studied basis on of a combined assessment of oxygendependent (NST-test) and oxygen-independent mechanisms of bioacidity and parameters of phagocytic activity in the neutrophil endocytosis test.
Results. In duodenal ulcers with the HDCT was observed a decrease (p <0.001) of the phagocytic index (except for persons with a hypermobile phenotype) and the index of the phagocytic reserve (p <0.01) was observed, in particular, with spontaneous enhancement and decrease in stimulated HCT activity of neutrophils (p <0,05) (especially with the primary of mitral valve prolapse). In contrast, with the hypermobility phenotype, the digestive activity of neutrophils increased sharply, correlating with the high activity of Helicobacter pylori associated antral gastritis.
Conclusions. The features of the phagocytic activity of neutrophilic granulocytes against the background of the altered morphogenetic function of connective tissue, supplement the original concept of mechanisms of ulcerogenesis.


Heritable disorders of connective tissue, dysplastic syndromes and phenotypes, duodenal ulcer, phagocytosis, neutrophils.

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Rudoy A.S. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2018; 1:6-12. DOI: 10.14427/jipai.2018.1.6


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