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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2024 1 Clinical immunopathology
Karpuk N.A., Rubnikovich S.P., Ishchanka A.U.
Activation of CD4+CD25+CD45+ T-lymphocytes by Candida albicans in vitro in patients with leukoplakia associated with candidal stomatitis. Fulltext in PDF
Kuzmiankova A.V., Asiryan E.G.
Comparative characteristics of treatment methods for chronic stomatitis in pediatric patients. Fulltext in PDF
Volkava M.V., Kundzer .V., Generalov I.I., Zheleznjak N.V., Senkovich S.A.
Clinical significance of serum levels of ferritin, interleukins 6 and 17A in rheumatoid arthritis. Fulltext in PDF
Mordyk A.V., Bagisheva N.V., Moiseeva M.V., Streltsova V.V., Antipova E.P.
Immunological and biochemical markers of adverse disease outcomes in COVID-19 and chronic heart failure. Fulltext in PDF
Tsygankov A.., Yanchanka U.V.
Algorithm for in silico search of immunodominant epitopes for immunodiagnosis of vaccine-targeted infections. Fulltext in PDF
2024 1 Immunodermatology
Olisova O.Yu., Teplyakova K.S., Smolyannikova V.A., Fomina D.S., Kovalkova E.V., Ershov A.V., Kashakanova N.M.
Resistin is a potential marker of the activity of skin diseases accompanied by urticarial rashes. Fulltext in PDF
Kasikhina E.I., Mednikova M.A., Ostretsova M.N., Kochetkov M.A.
The role of heredity in cutaneous mastocytosis and C-KIT gene mutation. Fulltext in PDF
2024 1 Allergology
Turovskaya A.A., Kostina E.M., Orlova E.A., Trushina E.Yu.
Surfactant proteins as protective factors in bronchial asthma. Fulltext in PDF
2024 1 Immune Deficiency
Negodnova E.V., Iskandyarova M.S., Krasnoglazova K.A., Radaeva O.A.
Features of primary immunodeficiency during pregnancy: clinical case. Fulltext in PDF
2024 1 Mycology
Polovets N.V., Murugova A.A., Lipnitsky A.V., Sharov T.N., Plekhanova N.G., Khabarova I.A.
Estimation of the effectiveness of dexamethasone use in experimental modeling of coccidioidomycosis. Fulltext in PDF