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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2023 3 Allergology
Ishchanka A.U., Gao Z., Shchurok I.N., Aliakhnovich N.S.
Infectious allergy old problem with new challenges. Fulltext in PDF
Vykhrystsenka L.R.
Concomitant bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: issues of diagnosis and therapy. Fulltext in PDF
2023 3 Immunodermatology
Sergeeva M.A., Sorokina E.V., Arzumanian V.G.
The pathogenesis of seborrheic dermatitis: a modern outlook. Fulltext in PDF
2023 3 Immunopathology
Bakuleva N.I., Zemskova V.A., Choporov O.N., Shiryaev O.Y., Zemskov A.M.
Impact of antibodies to herpesviruses on clinical and laboratorial parameters among patients with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder. Fulltext in PDF
Baranova N.I., Aschina L.A., Bolgova A.I.
Peculiarities of immune response in patients with COVID-19. Fulltext in PDF
Ivanova I.A., Filippenko A.V., Pavlovich N.V., Aronova N.V., Tsimbalistova M.V., Anisimova A.S., Omelchenko N.D., Trufanova A.A., Chemisova O.S., Noskov A.K.
Quantitative and qualitative composition of the main populations of lymphocytes in patients with community-acquired pneumonia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fulltext in PDF
Marzhokhova A.R., Ploskireva A.A., Ponezheva Zh.B., Kharaeva Z.F., Marzhokhova M.Yu., Balagova L.E., Nagoeva M.X.
Indicators of lipid peroxidation of biological membranes in patients with COVID-19. Fulltext in PDF
2023 3 Mycology
Prozorov M.A., Rekstina V.V., Kudryashova I.B., Dragoni O.A., Ziganshin R.H., Kamzolkina O.V., Kalebina T.S.
Formation of β-structures and fibrillar associates by NovoRapid insulin molecules in the presence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cell walls. Fulltext in PDF
2023 3 Immune Deficiency
Zharankova Yu.S., Aleshkevich S.N., Sharapova S.O., Sakovich I.S., Guryanova I.E., Polyakova E.A., Shitikova M.G., Uglova T.A., Belevtsev M.V.
Clinical and immunological characteristics of primary immunodeficiencies with chronic non-malignant lymphoproliferation. Fulltext in PDF
2023 3 Infectology
Tian N.S., Babachenko I.V., Goleva O.V., Orlova E.D., Bezverkhaya N.S., Krylov A.V., Eismont Y.A., Mukomolova A.L., Baziian E.V.
Clinical and virological features of HHV-6 infection among children in Saint Petersburg. Fulltext in PDF