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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.


Yuri V. Sergeev (Moscow, Russia) –doctor of medical sciences, professor, RANS member, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, retired deputy chief specialist of the Main Medical Directorate under the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, director of the Allergology and Clinical Immunology Institute, President of the National Academy of Mycology, founder and current editor-in-chief of the “Immunopathology, Allergology, Infectology” journal. Yuri V. was born in 1950 in Crimea, Russia. In 1982 he has approved his candidate of scientist dissertation (Ph.D.), and in 1990 – his Doctor of Medical Sciences (habilitation) dissertation. He was enlisted in the Kremlin medical system since 1977, leading the department of the First Clinic of the 4th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Health of the USSR (now Presidential Polyclinic Number One) in 1979-2011. Since 1991, Yuri V. combined his medical practice with teaching at the Skin Diseases and Venereal department of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical Univesity, and consequently in the Russian Medical Academy of postgraduate education.

Yu.V. Sergeev is a renowned clinical physician, having treated prominent state and political figures of both Russia and foreign countries. In 1995 Yu.V. Sergeev founded the Institute of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (IACI), remaining in the position of its director to this day. The Institute conducts fundamental, investigative and applied scientific research and provides high-quality specialized medical aid in the fields of allergology, clinical immunology and adjacent vectors to the public. Yu.V. is the author and coauthor of over 600 scientific papers, including 36 monographs, manuals, handbooks on skin diseases, allergology, clinical immunology and medical mycology.

Yu.V. Sergeev’s name is inseparable from authorship of the largest guides on dermatovenerology, issued in both USSR and Russia, since 1983. These are the numerously issued “Differential Disagnostics of Skin Diseases”, “Dermatovenerologist’s Handbook”, “Clinical Dermatovenerology”, and “National Guide on Dermatovenerology”. Yu.V. Sergeev’s main scientific ideas and projects have been systemathized in his own books: “Onychomycoses – fungal nail infections” (M., 1998, 126 p.), “Candidosis, nature of the infection, agression and defence mechanisms, laboratory diagnostics, clinic and treatment” (M., 2001, 472 p.), “Drug allergy” (M., 2001, 300 p.), “Non-medicinal immunocorrection” (M., 2002, 264 p.), “Atopical Dermatitis. A handbook for doctors” (M., 2003, 2nd edition 2008, 480 p.), Anniversary Immunopathology, Allergology, Infectology 2015 ¹47 “Pharmacotherapy of mycoses” (M., 2003, 200 p.), “1000 formulas of clinical immunology” (M., 2003, 400 p.), “New findings in fungi taxonomy and nomenclature” (M., 2003, 496 p.), “Dermatooncology” (M., 2005, 872 p.), “Dermatologist’s Routine” (M., 2013, 670 p.).

Yu.V. Sergeev is the founder of the annual anthology “Advances in medical mycology”, international peer-reviewed journal “Immunopathology, Allergology, Infectology” (www.immunopathology.com), scientific review series “Mycology today” (www.mycologytoday.org), chairman of editorial councils and collegies of an array of national journals, such as “Clinical dermatology”, “Russian journal of skin and venerological diseases” and many others.

Yu.V. Sergeev’s name is tied to the development of conceptions, theories, classifications, descriptions of new pathogens of fungal infections, new terms, new approaches to diagnosing and treating the most common skin, fungal, allergological and tumourous diseases.

In the monograph “Drug allergy, 2001” in couathorship with D.K. Novikov, Yu.V. Sergeev demonstated the contemporary conception of drug allergy prevention, new approaches to immunological diagnosis and treatment of this crucial problem in contemporary medicine. He has described cases of rare lymphoproliferative dermatoses and tumours of skin appendages. In the 1990s, he took part in the development of and intergration of dispancerization, active screening and prevention of skin cancer (cancer-registry). In the field of dermatooncology, he is also the initiator of the creation, author and coeditor of the largest manual on dermatooncology in the world, which systematized interdisciplinary approaches to fighting skin cancer.

Yu.V. Sergeev is the coauthor of the first effective fungal disease treatment program in contemporary Russia. He organized large scale research projects involving thousands of patients, doctors and academic staff. A wide array of doctoral and candidate theses have been completed under Yu.V. Sergeev’s leadership, along with the creation of a large scientific-practical school for developing innovative education programs for dermatovenerologists. In 2000, at the initiative of Yu.V. Sergeev, the All-Russian Public Union of Academic Staff “National Academy of Mycology”, of which he is the President, was created. Within the span of 10 yearts, the Academy has become one of Russia’s leading academical organizations, annually holding large scale scientific-practical events, coordinating scientific research and educational activity, carrying out a wide editorial program with tens of books and educational editions.

At various points in time, Yu.V. Sergeev assumed the following positions in public office: deputy chairman of the medico-biological department of RANS, President of the Russian society of “Dermatoscopy and optical skin diagnosis”, board member of the Russian dermatovenerologist society, Russian immunogist society, member of the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of dermatologists and cosmetologists, member of the Expert Council of HACRF on therapeutical disciplines.

In 2009, by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation, he was awarded the State prize of the Government of the Russian Federation of 2009 in Education. Yu.V. Sergeev has been awarded with the honorary sign of the MC DPRF “For conscientious work”, the medal “For achievements in resurgence of science and economics in Russia”, the badge “To the excellent health worker”, the I.M. Sechenov FMSMU medal “For the year’s best monograph”, the medal “In honour of Moscow’s 850 anniversary”, and other state, public and foreign awards.

E-mail: editor@immunopathology.ru